How to perform soft liquidation ?
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During the processing of PP non-woven fabrics, due to the influence of chemical adhesives, additives or low-temperature drying, it will cause rough and stiff hand feel, which limits the operation of non-woven fabrics on certain scales. Many non-woven products for hygiene and protection, such as sanitary napkin fabrics and various cleaning wipes, require PP non-woven fabrics to have good flexibility. Mechanical and chemical preparation.

Mechanical rubbing, excellent soft clearing

Mechanical rubbing and soft-rolling is mainly through the process of rubbing or shortening the non-woven fabric to reduce its rigidity to achieve the goal of softness. There are mainly two types of mechanical processing systems for this type of flexible rolling, namely the Krapike method and the Michaelis method. .

1. Clapike method

The krapac method was first used in the papermaking industry, and then transplanted into the wet-laid non-woven fabric, which was imitated by the pre-shrinking liquidation of the Sanfrei machine. As shown in the figure below, after treatment, the non-woven fabric can obtain excellent flexibility and improve the hand. The liquidation of this method depends on the thickness, elasticity, fiber characteristics, pressure, web structure and heat and humidity conditions of the rubber belt.

2. Mike Rex method

The Mike Rex method is very strong in extrusion and impregnation of PP non-woven fabrics, so that obvious crepe patterns may occur in the non-woven fabrics, which improves the delay of non-woven fabrics and increases the unit area weight and rough product, which is related to carat. Compared with the Parker method, this weaving better improves the excellent flexibility of the nonwoven fabric. The crepe effect of the Mike Rex method can be tested and evaluated by process optical methods, measuring the degree of increase in cell area or measuring the degree of elongation of the nonwoven fabric. Therefore, the liquidation of this method largely depends on the geometric size of the crepe area and the input and output speed of PP non-woven fabrics.

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