How is PP non -woven fabric produced?
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In daily life, is the mask we often wear? Is it made of PP non -woven fabric? What is PP non -woven fabric?

PP non -woven fabrics can be used to make masks, but not all masks are made of non -woven fabrics. Non -woven fabrics are also called non -woven fabrics, that is, fabrics without weaving or textiles. It is not in the traditional sense of the yarn to be intertwined and compiled, but the fabric formed by the fiber through physical methods.

PP non -woven fabric production process

1. Comb the fiber

2. Fiber formation

3. Fiber of fiber network

4. Perform heat treatment

5. Finally organize processing

In industrial materials, because non -woven fabrics have high filtration efficiency, insulation, insulation, acid resistance, alkali resistance, tear resistance, etc., they are mostly used to make filtering media, sound insulation, electrical insulation, packaging, roof and grinding materials, etc. product.

In the daily necessities industry, PP non -woven fabrics can be used as clothing lining materials, curtains, wall -faced decorative materials, diapers, travel bags, etc.

In medical and health products, it can be used for production clothes, diseased clothing, masks, sanitary bands, etc.

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