Make every effort to build a strong town
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Chain-length enterprises have become a powerful engine for the development of regional industries. In order to cultivate and form a national well-known silk textile microfiber industrial cluster, Liutuan Town, Changyi City has consolidated the industrial foundation, further enlarged industrial advantages, accelerated the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and actively planned a new development pattern at a new starting point, so as to build a strong national silk textile microfiber industry. town.

On June 17, in the production workshop of Weifang Hongfeng New Materials Co., Ltd., various production machinery such as printing machines roared. "The company mainly produces wax-printed cloth and garment cloth. The current annual production capacity is 260 million meters. Since the beginning of this year, we have overcome the impact of the epidemic, scientifically dispatched, and carefully organized, and the company has maintained a good production and operation state." Huang Zujun, general manager of the company, told reporters.

Hongfeng New Materials is a branch of Weifang Huabao Textile Co., Ltd. Huabao Textile is a traditional textile production enterprise in Liutuan Town. In the face of transformation and development, the enterprise actively connects upstream and downstream production factors, extends the industrial chain, and becomes the first domestic company integrating spinning, texturing, weaving, printing processing, domestic and foreign production. The whole industry chain enterprise with integrated sales has ended the history of Changyi City's textile raw materials relying on foreign transportation, and also enabled Changyi textile enterprises to seize the opportunity in the transformation period of the domestic textile industry.

Since 2020, Huabao Textile has continued to seek greater development space on the basis of ensuring the stability of the original production scale, and has started new projects for three consecutive years.

In 2020, the project with an annual output of 260 million meters of high-end textile fabrics with an investment of 800 million yuan will start construction in March and be effective in August, creating Huabao Speed; In the first year, the project with an annual output of 220,000 tons of high-grade textile raw materials was completed and put into operation; this year, it plans to invest 110 million yuan and build a new 120 million-meter textile fabric project to continue to consolidate its dominant position in the textile industry.

"At present, Huabao Textile has formed a production system of the whole industry chain from the production of spinning raw materials at the forefront to the sales of finished products at the end. Through the organic integration of the industry chain, it can save 200 million yuan in comprehensive costs such as transportation and packaging energy consumption every year. Last year The high-end textile raw material project with an annual output of 220,000 tons, which was completed and put into operation at the end of the year, broke the monopoly of textile raw materials in the south. On the basis of meeting the needs of enterprises, it can provide POY raw materials for more than half of the textile enterprises in Changyi, which truly reflects the advantages of the chain length system. " said Li Zhenbao, chairman of Huabao Textiles.

Silk, textile and microfiber are the three pillar industries of Liutuan Town, and they are also the basic industries to achieve high-quality development. Since the beginning of this year, based on the foundation of industrial development, Liutuan Town has further enlarged its advantages, insisted that the project is king, and strived to promote the high-quality development of traditional industries.

Hongfeng New Materials Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 260 million meters, becoming the largest printing and dyeing production enterprise in Jiangbei, my country; Kaitai Microfiber Co., Ltd. has completed the main body of the production workshop for the technological upgrading and transformation project of environmentally friendly high-simulation microfiber fabric products for automotive interiors It is planned to be put into production before New Year's Day; Weifang Yixing Textile Materials Co., Ltd.'s microfiber synthetic leather project, a steel structure production workshop with a total area of 30,000 square meters has been erected. On the basis of meeting the production requirements of the enterprise, it can also digest and absorb part The productive capacity of local SMEs.

Recently, the construction progress of major projects in Liutuan Town has been accelerated. The implementation of a series of major projects has enabled Liutuan Town to maintain a strong stamina and driving force in the face of a new round of development opportunities.

According to statistics, at present, the annual cloth output of textile printing and dyeing enterprises in Liutuan Industrial Park accounts for 20% of the national market share, making it the largest decorative cloth production base and cotton textile trading market in Jiangbei. The main product of the microfiber industry, suede microfiber, has an annual production capacity of more than 38 million meters, with a market share of 90% in the country. A silk textile microfiber industry cluster that is accelerating its transformation is gaining momentum.