Characteristic industry of cocoon silk
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In recent years, guangxi wuzhou mengshan based on the superior natural environment and climate conditions, closely around the "ecological county, characteristic xingxian" strategy and the advantage of "green agriculture, industry, health tourism, boutique town, well-being of the people's livelihood" working ideas, vigorously promote the development of characteristic industry, agricultural brand, has become one of a large bay area of guangdong vegetable supply base. Moreover, Mengshan County also firmly grasp the development opportunities of "moving east mulberry to the west" and "moving east silk to the west", and vigorously promote industrial transformation and upgrading according to the development ideas of "strengthening the leading, reinforcing the chain and gathering groups", so as to build the cocoon and silk industry into an economic advantage and characteristic industry in Mengshan County. In June this year, Mengshan County was officially awarded the honorary title of "New City of Cocoon and Silk Weaving in Western China" by China National Silk Association.

On July 19, THE WORKSHOP OF GUANGXI ZhongSILCHENG SILK Technology CO., LTD., LOCATED IN MENGSHAN COUNTY, IS A BUSY scene. Workers skillfully operate various production machines and turn silk into silk after selecting, soaking, finishing and drying each silk.

As a traditional advantage industry, Mengshan has a long history of mulberry breeding and silkworm raising. "The silk factory jointly owned by the head of our company and other enterprises settled in Mengshan County in 2007. By 2019, the production capacity of the silk factory reached 300 tons, and the leased factory can no longer meet the development needs of the enterprise." Huang Zhaoxia, deputy general manager of Guangxi Zhongsilcheng Silk Technology Co., LTD., said that the head of the company purchased land to improve production conditions and set up Guangxi ZhongSilcheng Silk Technology Co., LTD. Through the development in recent years, the production capacity of the company has reached 500 tons, and the number of machines has increased from 16 groups to 24 groups. From January to June this year, the operating income reached 59 million yuan.

After years of development from mulberry planting and silkworm raising to silk weaving, the mulberry garden in Mengshan County covers an area of 61,100 mu with 13 cocoon and silk enterprises. The SILK INDUSTRY OF MengSHAN COUNTY HAS laid a solid foundation, and the industrial chain is complete. The production capacity of woven silk ranks first among county-level cities in Guangxi, and the county has become an important base for cocoon silk weaving and processing in the western region.