Foreign trade exports are blocked by logistics
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"Help! Is there a Beijing friend who can be forwarded in the group?" Recently, the reporter saw that the textile company issued a help information in the WeChat group, and the information said that the company has DHL account, but due to the International Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Express needs to take off from Shanghai Pudong, because the influence of the epidemic can not be sent, so hope that friends in the WeChat group can help from Beijing.

Zhou Tu, the relevant person in charge of a clothing foreign trade manufacturing enterprise from the inland province, said that from March 28th, they have received notices from international express companies, freight companies, and warehouses, saying that the control of the epidemic control will be suspended Serve. Even if some companies have traveled their goods in order to take them, most of them are on the way, and there is no logistics message several days. At present, the freight forwarding company suspended service has not yet been clear when it returns to normal.

In the interview with journalists, Xu Yang talks about the influence of international logistics in an interview with reporters.

The first is the hindrance of port and route. Since some yards and warehouses in the port are closed due to epidemic, the cabinets of import and export customers will have an impact, and some goods are accumulated in the yard unable to be handled in time. At the same time, large ship divisions such as Maersk, MSC canceled a number of routes in Shanghai, in order to protect ship loading rates and reduce congestion.

Secondly, the epidemic leads to some factories from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to be discontinued, which will affect the production and shipping of goods.

The third is the obstacle of road transportation. Due to the road control of Shanghai and the surrounding Jiangsu, Zhejiang Province, some high-speed intersections related to closed, persuasion, etc., will lead to delays in road transport links, which in turn also affect the goods in Hong Kong. At the same time, the blocking of roads also affects the supply of raw materials and components, but also increases the impact on factory production.

The fourth is some impact on the line of business. Under the current level of prevention measures in Shanghai, most people do not leave their households, and for some documents and payment services that need to go to port, banks, and ship counters will have certain effects.

According to the data, in 2021, Shanghai Port container throughput exceeded 47 million standard boxes, ranking first in the world for 12 consecutive years.

In the advancement of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai-centered long triangle waters is also the largest domestic ship's density, the most busy traffic flow organization. Xu Kai, director of the Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, the number of seizures of the long-range shipping seizures, more than 15,000 ships, plus the special natural environment and complex channel order of the Yangtze River section, which has become the current world. Traffic flows the most intensive waters.

On April 12, in order to overcome the influence of the epidemic, the normal operation of Sea Airport, Shanghai Customs urgently introduced the second batch of targeted measures, promoting the improvement of cargo declaration and cooking efficiency, and further enhance the capacity of port sets. In response to customs clearance, Shanghai Customs said that the current import and export declaration form for major business can be reported online through international trade "single window" and "Internet + Customs" online. Enterprises can choose the "Two-Step Declaration" model in advance according to the actual situation, and apply for declaration procedures as soon as possible. Declaration declarations and exchange orders have no order requirement, and the bill of lading is generally not required.

In the case of controlling control, the employees of import and export enterprises cannot go to the port on-site, Shanghai Customs said that companies can conduct inspections through the "do not see". After receiving the goods inspection notice, the company can choose "Do not accompany to check" or "Entrust the supervisory workplace operator to accompany you", which is sent to the sender arrived. Shanghai Customs Commitment: The customs of various sea space ports in Shanghai will apply according to the application for enterprises, and actively adopt an invisible inspection mode. For import and export goods with inspection conditions, it should check the investigation; for people's livelihood, etc., open green Channel, implement priority.

In addition, Shanghai Customs also recommends that the company has inquired the formation of customs declaration form through international trade "single window", strengthen cooperation with customs declaration, freight forwarding, and stations, and further accelerate the speed of the cargo to the port of the port and the store. Improve the overall episode of the port.

However, it is affected by the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the exports are blocked, and some from Shanghai Port to Ningbo Zhoushan Port or Nanjing Port.